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Currently available Films and Videos

The following award-winning films were produced, directed, and filmed by Susanne Swuibold and Helen Corbett.

Amiq: The Aleut People o f the Pribilo f Islands, a Culture in Transition, 1981-1983, 1985. 58 minutes.
This film documents the Pribilof Aleut culture in transition from sealing to fishing. Narrated by Larry Merculieff, with original music by Max Lestenkof.
Laaqux: The Northern Fur Seal of the Pribilof Islands, 1988. 57 minutes.
The natural history of the northern fur seal, in its breeding rookeries on the Pribilof Islands, and in newly-established rookeries on San Miguel Island, CA. Film includes Aleut subsistence use of the seal. Narrated by Aleut biologist Patrick Kozloff and author and scientist Victor Scheffer. This is a one hour film recorded on the Pribilofs over a seven year period by Susanne Swibold. Available on video.
Peter Picked a Seal Stick: The Fur Seal Harvest of the Pribilof Islands, 1981. 28 minutes.
An ethnographic film about the commercial fur seal harvest, narrated by Aleut sealing foremen Mike Zacharof and Timon Lestenkof, and original music of Max Lestenkof. Includes historical photographs from Bancroft Collection, University of Alaska.
San: The Birds of the Pribilof Islands, 1990. 58 minutes.
Portrait of the legendary Pribilof seabird colonies, waterfowl and passerines. Narrated by Larry Merculieff
and ornithologist George Hunt.


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